Architects working to improve Building Regulations

In November 2019 the Department of Finance (DoF) Permanent Secretary established a Construction Industry Forum (CIFNI) Building Regulations Subgroup to assist Northern Ireland Building Regulations Advisory Committee (NIBRAC) by representing the views of the local construction industry, including RSUA.

The specific role of the Subgroup is to help NIBRAC consider any DoF proposals which may arise in the areas of Fire, Conservation of Fuel and Power, and, Site Preparation and Resistance to Moisture.

Sarah McGonigle, Associate at White Ink Architects, is one of four architects representing RSUA on the subgroup. Sarah, and Barry Higgins of Todd Architects, will consider any DoF proposals which may arise in the area of Fire.

White Ink are excited to be part of the CIFNI Building Regulations Subgroup,” said Sarah. “The Regulations are such an integral part of our daily work that we are looking forward to working with NIBRAC to improve them.”

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