Becoming an Architect

Since 2018 White Ink Architects has mentored 8 members of staff successfully through the Part 3 ‘Professional Practice in Architecture’ course to become fully qualified architects.

As a teaching practice, we believe in encouraging young professionals to progress in their careers and extend their knowledge to become the best Architects they can be.

White Ink Architects are committed to the continuous development of every graduate student we employ. The culture and company structure ensures each student gains real experience across a wide range of architectural disciplines and construction sectors.

Completion of the Part 3 course to become a qualified architect is a great achievement however, even more so in recent times. With the added challenge of working remotely and having less exposure to the office environment, we are aware of the added stress on participants.

White Ink team members who have recently completed the process through the challenges of lockdown share their ‘Top Tips’ for working remotely towards the Part 3 qualification:

Stay Connected

  • Ensure to stay in contact with other members on your course / peers by using Microsoft Teams to organise study groups and feedback sessions.
  • Organise regular meetings with your mentor and colleagues to ask advice, share ideas and encourage others during your studies.

Take Breaks

  • Take a break! It’s important to take regular breaks while studying.
  • Taking a break from your workspace – go outside for fresh air or a walk. This can help to improve your focus once you return to a desk environment.

Prepare your Workspace for Interview and Exam

  • Be prepared for your Part 3 interview – Test your microphone, video camera and background in advance.
  • In preparation for your Part 3 exam – Find a quiet place where you are comfortable and with no distractions.

Keep Calm

  • Try not to put extra pressure on yourself.
  • Set realistic daily/weekly goals to study for your exam and complete coursework.

Keep Learning

  • Ask lots of questions – this will help you be prepared for your exam and interview.
  • Download the Architects’ App – this is a great resource and digital library for design guides to help prepare for your Part 3 exam.

We hope these ‘Top Tips’ will assist any future architects in their final preparation ahead of the upcoming ‘Professional Practice in Architecture’ course.

All the best with the final stages from Team White Ink!

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