Part 1 Student shares his Inspiration in Perspective

Congratulations to our Part 1 Student Rory Magee who has had a short article on ‘My Inspiration’ published in the RSUA Perspective magazine (Jan/Feb 2020).

At White Ink we encourage students to actively participate in all aspects of architectural practice, giving them opportunities to gain invaluable experience and help them to achieve their highest potential.

Architecture for Social Purpose

Throughout history architecture has been used to segregate and divide: rich from poor; race from race; religion from religion. Sadly there are many examples of this in Belfast and throughout Northern Ireland from the troubled past.  My studies at Ulster University and work experience at White Ink have given me an understanding of how Architecture can be used to the contrary to great effect – to encourage community and collaboration; gathering and affinity.  We, as designers, have been given the unique opportunity to bring people together through our designs.  This can be as simple as installing a bench or on a grander scale, the introduction of larger public spaces.  Both provide a platform for people from all walks of life to meet and greet.

I am also interested in the ‘Bilbao effect’ – named for how Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim museum in Bilbao transformed the local economy by encouraging investment and inspiring other projects within the city.  Closer to home, Bellaghy and its surrounding area have enjoyed a revitalisation with the opening of the  Seamus Heaney Home Place in 2016 which has brought tourists from near and afar, boosting trade in the local shops and cafes as well as inspiring a sense of community and identity of place.  I am hopeful that the new Ulster University campus could have a similar effect for Belfast.  I am greatly inspired by the socio-economic value of quality architectural design and how it can be used in positive ways to better society.”

Rory Magee, White Ink Architects