Associate Áine Glackin tells us how Director Claude Maguire has mentored her since joining White Ink in 2009 and allowed her to become ``The best Architect I can be``.

Since joining White Ink Architects 10 years ago, Claude has supported and guided my professional development, helping me grow and mature by inspiring self-value and confidence, and giving me opportunities to lead.

Early in my career Claude instilled confidence in me to deliver £10m projects. In 2011, I qualified as an architect. In 2013 I was promoted to Associate and subsequently delivered my first £50m project. In 2017 I was Finalist in the WIBNI ‘Best in Professional Services’ awards and in 2018 was chosen as a UKCW Role Model.

Claude’s mentoring has allowed me to become, in his words, “The best Architect I can be”. This is Claude’s motto and he is passionate about its execution.

Claude instigated White Ink’s Graduate Scheme to attract the best talent, mentor them and encourage continual learning, delivering exceptional results; nine current staff have come through this route. In 2019 our dedication and hard work in providing student placements was recognised by Ulster University who awarded us with the Placement Excellence ‘Staff Nominated Placement Partnership of the Year Award‘.

Claude’s commitment to mentoring extends beyond the office; he facilitates lectures and mock interviews with universities and created the annual ‘White Ink Smart Thinking Award’ at Ulster University – and more recently at Queen’s University Belfast, which commends innovation and creativity.

At White Ink we are passionate about teaching future architects and are dedicated to mentoring, guiding and encouraging all our staff and students to achieve their highest potential.

 We are currently recruiting for exceptional highly motivated Architects. If you’d like to work with Claude, Áine and the White Ink team – read more here.