The White Ink Sketch Book

Technology in architecture – and how we design – has advanced rapidly over the last 5-10 years and continues to do so with coordinated 3D Revit models, BIM and Virtual Reality. Whilst White Ink Architects have embraced this technology and invested heavily in it, we believe that sketching is still vital to the creative design process at every stage of a project’s realisation, from initial concept development right through to construction on site.

Sketching is an invaluable tool to communicate ideas, explore design options and solve problems. Sketches can be easily shared with clients, consultants and colleagues, and they prompt discussion and decision making. Clients get a feeling of how their building will look, function and flow; its massing and textures; light and shadow.

Sketch #1: Exploring Design Options

The first sketches in The White Ink Sketch Book show design options that were explored at Terrace Mount, Bournemouth for the Ted Baker Apartment entrance at street level and how it relates to the adjacent Hotel service entrance.

Sketch #2: Communicating Ideas

Our second sketch in The White Ink Sketch Book was shared with our client to help them clearly visualise how the insertion of a new double height glazed façade on their office building at 60 Fountain Street, Manchester would create an identity and give the building much needed street presence.

Sketch #3: Testing the Feasibility of a Scheme

Our next sketch – a concept drawing to explore the potential of a large, mixed-use development on a site in South East England – helped determine a use for the site and tested the feasibility and commercial viability of the scheme whilst enabling the client and council to clearly visualise how their development would positively impact this busy corner site.