Welcome Susan - Our New Interior Designer!

As we grow and expand our team, we are excited to announce the growth of our Interior Design services. Building upon our previous interior design experience, we are welcoming Susan Stewart to our office who will head-up our Interior Architecture team. Susan has a wealth of knowledge and experience delivering interior environments across multiple sectors and will provide a key service to our clients moving forward.

With Architecture & Interior Design going hand-in-hand, we are excited to grow this side of our office to provide spaces which are not only visually appealing but contributes to the well-being of the people who inhabit them.  The team will exercise a creative approach that puts the user experience at the forefront of every project and work collaboratively with clients to ensure the final product meets their specific needs and requirements.

Please get in contact with us at office@whiteink.co.uk if you want any further information or to discuss potential projects.