My Inspiration - Chris Connolly Part 1 Student

Chris Connolly, one of our Part 1 students, contributed to the My Inspiration feature in the latest issue of the RSUA Perspective magazine, with his piece on ‘The Natural World’ (below).

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The Natural World
“From leaves to liquids, caves to crystal formations, the natural world around us has always been a major source of inspiration for architects. Nature has played an important role, not only in influencing the form and appearance of architecture but also defining proportions and structural solutions. Studying architecture has allowed me to look at the surrounding natural world with a fresh perspective, one of curiosity and purpose. As a designer, I am inspired by the forms of nature and their abilities to solve problems in novel and beautiful ways. I aim to take inspiration from the result of 3.5 billion years worth of nature’s experimentation and exploration, to help identify solutions to the problems we face in an era of man-made environmental change. I look to established architects, such as Santiago Calatrava, whose pioneering works in Biomorphism have created award winning architecture, with forms derived from the natural world. As I progress through my career in architecture I hope that my inquisitive enthusiasm for nature will assist me in making a positive contribution to the built environment and wider society.”