Delivering what is promised

At White Ink Architects we deliver what is promised.

We ensure that we fully understand our clients’ needs and requirements at the outset so that we meet their objectives. Clients get completed buildings that are indistinguishable from early design images.

What you see is what you get.

Brentford Lock West Phase 2, London 2018 RIBA Award Winner

White Ink Architects provided innovative solutions to design problems – including the rationalisation of the basement and structure – making the RIBA Stage 2 scheme by Mae Architects financially viable for the client without impacting on the quality of finishes. We were also able to deliver additional capital value for the client through internal plan reconfiguration, with no change to facades.

White Ink Architects played a pivotal role in the feasibility and successful delivery of this RIBA award winning scheme. They consistently looked for and optimised opportunities for us to obtain the best value for our investment – without compromising the overall design intent. Their ‘hands on’ approach, positive attitude and willingness to share their experience and expertise was refreshing and contributed immensely to the success of the project and overall team.”

Philip Day, MUSE Developments

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Palace View, London

During the design development of the RIBA Stage 2 design by BDP, White Ink Architects were challenged to incorporate client brand standards and to improve layouts and amenity for end users. By rationalising the Stage 2 design/internal layouts we were able to optimise the balance between private and affordable housing, thus delivering additional capital value for the client within the constraints of the existing planning approval.

We also managed to include additional amenity spaces for residents within the envelope of the approved design, thus improving the overall offering and attractiveness of the scheme to potential buyers/investors in the competitive central London market.

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