BIM, Revit and VR

The advancement of BIM (Building Information Modelling) and 3D software (Revit) has revolutionised the construction industry. We have embraced these industry changes and since 2013 have invested heavily in software, hardware and training to be at the forefront of BIM. More recently we have invested heavily in VR software, equipment and a new VR suite.


Cutting-edge approach to design

We offer clients a cutting-edge approach to design that eliminates waste from the design and construction process, and delivers an information-rich building model for easy future maintenance of their buildings.


3D software and BIM is now used as standard on all new projects and on over 90% of our current workload

All technical staff have been trained and we have a suite of documents that outline our own internal protocols with an ever-expanding selection of reference guides focused on particular aspects of Revit/BIM to ensure that knowledge is pooled and shared. For consistency we apply the same internal standards and protocols for all projects whether full Level 2 BIM or independent coordinated 3D.


BIM Efficiency – Adding Value

We have improved construction outputs – giving sub-contractors the ability to interact with a model and the construction sequence in 3D in VR, directly from Revit via Enscape. Click here to watch a sequencing model.

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