Design Development

By assessment and analysis of design information at RIBA Stage 2/3 we help clients by:

Checking that a proposed scheme meets statutory requirements, building regulations, employer’s requirements and any associated brand standards.

It is surprising how many schemes are developed to Stage 2, 3 or even beyond with little regard for building and fire regulations or health and safety issues. These requirements are fundamental to the actual delivery and realisation of a project and we consider them from the outset.

Visualising the finished scheme and getting completed buildings that look like our design images.

By considering technical issues at the conceptual and design stages, we are able to better manage our client’s expectations and ensure that our earliest design concepts can be realised exactly as intended. Click here to see our What You See Is What You Get blog.

Conceptual development of projects from RIBA Stage 1 includes:

Assessment of site specific risks, constraints and opportunities;
Advice on statutory considerations, including planning and development control and legal constraints;
Sketch design and visualisations.

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