Benaughlin Health Centre, Enniskillen

Florencecourt, Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh
Private Client
WAN Healthcare Awards (2012)

The site for this Primary Care Centre in Fermanagh was a steeply sloping field with a fall of over 6m from front to back.

Our approach to the design of the building was to provide a contemporary solution that references the tradition and forms of buildings in the countryside so that the building would enhance its locality. The gables are restricted in width and have steeply pitched slated roofs. The detailing is sharp and modern and the external colours are bold. The red and green used reflect the traditional colours of agricultural buildings in the surrounding landscape.

The building nestles into the sloping site and careful manipulation of the levels from the car parking to the rear and through the courtyard mean that level access is possible to the main entrance despite the steep slope. The highly insulated and air-tight envelope is orientated to take advantage of free passive energy, with the glazed link acting as a heat-sink to modulate the temperature of the building.

Every opportunity has been taken to provide space for social interaction. The courtyard is a natural meeting point with low-level walls acting as seating. The glazed corridor leading to the consulting rooms is designed as a gallery space and is bathed in sunlight.

Photography by Donal McCann

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